Passionate about old banknotes!

We have developed a platform entirely dedicated to banknote collection.

We offer several services that will help you in the improvement of your collection :

The catalog aims to become the repository of all banknotes in the world. It is enriched little by little thanks to the data we collect on the web. In this catalogue, you will find a detailed sheet on each banknote with dates, signatures, rarity index, etc.

You can put a banknote on "Alert" by clicking on the little bell

The archives are the historic of the sales results achieved in the auctions. We attach these results to each banknote sheet in the catalogue.

We will also sort of ebay listings to standardize their link to the relevant banknote. Thanks to us, you will complete your collection more easily, in particular with an intelligent alert system on eBay listings.

The inventory is an ideal collection where each of you has the possibility to add a note if you judge the diffusion of the existence of this banknote may be relevant for your « portfolio ».

Finally, on our website, you can regularly read news related to our passion and being kept upadted to the lastest news.

We will soon release our marketplace where you can buy and sell your banknotes. Therefore, we offer you a complete experience by offering you an essential tool to constiture your collection.

Best of luck in finding your next banknote!

Team Numizon.

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