Numizon is the first application that automatically recognizes collector's notes! It makes it easy to manage your collection of banknotes! This application is for confirmed collectors, neophytes and young collectors who are still ignoring! In short, it is THE new numismatic tool for collecting paper money. A powerful search engine also allows you to find your collected banknotes very easily.


  • Take a picture of any banknote.
  • See immediately all the characteristics (name, date, reference, rarity index, etc).
  • Enrich the note form with personalized data (quality, purchase price, comment, etc).
  • Add this post to your collection.
  • Check all the notes in your collection, including photos, wherever you are, even without a network.
  • Consult the reference catalog of world banknotes.

In short, numismatics paper money will have no secret for you.

Send your suggestions for improvement to contact@numizon.fr and the Numizon team will be happy to develop the features you are missing. The catalog is today made up of the main French banknotes of the Bank of France, the Treasury and the colonies, but soon all the banknotes of the world can be collected!


1] Scan the note:

  • Take a picture of a note.
  • The application recognizes it and gives all the information such as name, reference reference.

2] Add the note to your collection:

  • Fill in with additional information.
  • Add it to your virtual collection.
  • If your note is not recognized automatically, no problem, you can add the information manually.

3] Have and see your banknotes collection:

  • At any time.
  • Nowhere and everywhere.
  • Keep your banknotes collection with you permanently.

Professionals have talked about it!

cgb.fr, Numismatic Bulletin # 175 on page 35. May 2018: "Do you know the mobile app "Shazam" which recognizes a single song? In a few seconds, she gives you the title, the name of the singer and a link to download it. Well today, this application also exists for paper money: It's Numizon! ... and it's free. With a simple image, Numizon identifies the note and gives you all its features: bank issue, face value, date or year, alphabet number, reference pick, etc. If you want to keep the photo and this information, Numizon offers to add the note to your collection in one click! Thus, in a few minutes, you can scan all your workbook (1 photo, 1 click, 1 photo, 1 click ...) and have in your smartphone all your collection, namely, the photo and the characteristics for each banknote. You can even enrich your note card with additional data (quality, date of purchase, etc). If you, too, like the co-founder of Numizon, do not know which alphabets / dates you already have in your collection or in what grades are your notes, use Numizon! Very useful on exhibitions or in your numismatic meetings, you will have all your collection with you! Dear collectors or novice collectors, use Numizon also to browse and discover all types of banknotes. The Numizon team takes this opportunity to thank CGB Numismatique Paris and the FBOW website for having authorized the use of the photos from their site".