Tools to become an expert of your collection domain:

A] Numizon catalog:

A reference card for each note of the world including:

  • a detailed description of the note (date of issue, author, watermark, dimensions, description of the composition),
  • a high-quality front and back visual (when the note is signed by Numizon),
  • an indication of variants (signatures, special numbers, specimens, proofs, tests, surcharges, etc),
  • information on scarcity indices.

An inventory including:

  • a photo gallery of known banknotes (only for rare banknotes).

Sales statistics including:

  • the indicators on sales of these notes,
  • the prices realized by quality.

B] Numizon listings

Search and find the missing note in 1 click from all the lisings of our partners:

Unprecedented features:

  • sorting filters by rarity index,
  • sort ads by alphabet number and / or quality.

Our advice to purchase:

  • take advantage of Numizon analyzes to identify good deals,
  • directly access the partner's announcement.


  • to save your favorite searches,
  • to be alerted of the corresponding news.

C] Numizon news for:

  • follow all the news around the banknotes collection,
  • you find out about trade shows and online sales,
  • discover and read daily articles and regular thematic files.