1 Dollar Type 1878 "Lettered Border"


Pick: #18 , Other: #DC-8

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Canada. Dominion of Canada. 1878-1898 issues. 1 Dollar Type 1878 "Lettered Border". Date: June 1, 1878. Printer: British American Bank Note Company. Ltd., Montreal. Dimensions: 192 x 82 mm. No watermark. No security thread. Front and back: print in black and green. Front: portrait of the Countess of Dufferin. "The Dominion of Canada" is printed in black at the top of the portrait. The value in large numbers is printed in green on each side of the portrait. The note is identical to the Pick: # 17, except the value "1 $" printed in a medallion and which replaces the pattern in the form of scallop in the four corners. The note has an alphabet letter "A, B, C or D" positioned to the left of the number. This number is repeated twice and printed in blue (for Montreal), red (for Toronto), green (for Halifax) and black (for St. John). The note has two handwritten signatures: on the left, the signature of a designated local agent (For Minister of Finance) and on the right the signature of T.D. Harington (For Receiver General). The value "ONE 1 ONE" is repeated twice on each side and printed in a rosette. Back: composition of rosettes printed in green monochrome. The Great Seal of Canada is printed in the center in a medallion with above and below, the words: "Payable at xxxx". (4 cities are listed). The picture note in Extremely Fine-About Uncirculated grade was sold for $ 3,450.00 $ by Heritage Auctions, Auction #418, lot #15921, from The Halton Lake Collection, 2006.

Banknotes :Dominion of Canada (1878-1898)

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