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Canada. Dominion of Canada. 1878-1898 issues. 1 Dollar Type 1897. Date: July 2, 1897. In 1897, the Canadian government stopped ordering banknotes from the British American Banknote Company and turned to the American Bank Note Company in New York, which had a branch in Ottawa. Dimensions: 189 x 81 mm. Watermark: unknown. No security thread. Banknote printed by sheet of four copies with an identical sheet number. The banknote number is repeated twice and printed in red. The note has a letter of control positioned next to the portraits. Front and back: print in black and green. Front: frame composed of rosettes with the value "ONE" printed twice below the portraits and the value "ONE 1" printed twice above the portraits. On the left, a portrait of the Countess of Aberdeen and on the right, a portrait of Earl of Aberdeen, the Governor General. In the center, a scene of lumberjacks working on a Canadian river. "The Dominion of Canada" is printed in black above the central drawing. Two handwritten signatures: on the left, the bill is countersigned by an officer of the Department of Finance and on the right the signature of J.M Courtney (The Deputy Minister of Finance). Back: background composed of rosettes printed in green monochrome. The value "1" is printed in two rosettes on the sides. In the center, a view of the Ottawa Parliament with the main door in the foreground. "Dominion of Canada" is printed above the drawing. The photo note was sold in About Fine grade at $ 546.25 by Heritage Auctions, Auction # 418, Lot # 15937, from The Halton Lake Collection, 2006.

Banknotes :Dominion of Canada (1878-1898)

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