1 Dollar Type 1935 "English"


Pick: #38 , The Banknote Book: B301 , Other: #BC-1

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Canada. Bank of Canada. 1935 Jubilee issue. 1 Dollar Type 1935. Issue date: 11-03-1935. Texts in English.Printer: Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited (CBNC). Series A: 40,000,000 issued notes. Series B: 20,312,000 issued notes. Dimensions: 152 x 73 mm. No watermark. No security thread. Note printed by sheet of four copies with an identical sheet number. To distinguish the four banknotes from the sheet, two small Check Letters "A, B, C or D" were printed in black under the numbers. Front and back: print in black and green. Front: black and white frame decorated with abstract shapes and rosettes with the value "1 ONE" at the top and the value "1" at the bottom. Above, the text of the issuing institute "The BANK OF CANADA, will pay to the bearer on demand" is printed in black on two lines in the center. The banknote number is printed in red and repeated twice at the top. The serial letter is printed in red on the left of the number. Below, in the center, the value "1" is printed in a large rosette on a pedestal with maple leaves and the value in letters "ONE DOLLAR" printed in a black cartridge. In an oval on the left, a portrait of King George V in official uniform. On the right, the official seal of the Bank of Canada. The notes have been delivered to the Bank without signatures and without seal. These were printed in black ink typography by the internal services of the Bank of Canada. Two types of signatures: Deputy Governor John Arundel Caulfield Osborne and Governor Graham Ford Towers. Back: composition of rosettes printed in green monochrome. The values ​​"1 ONE" and "1" are printed twice on the sides in rosettes. At the top, the text of the issuing institute "BANK OF CANADA" is printed in the center curved. In the middle, an allegory of agriculture sitting with tools on her knees and at her feet, a cornucopia on the right and a sheaf of wheat on the left. In the background, a fruit vegetation. The photo note (Ref: # BC-1) was sold in Crisp Uncirculated at $ 488.75 by Heritage Auctions, Auction # 418, Lot # 16068, from The Halton Lake Collection, 2006.

Banknotes :Bank of Canada (1935)

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