1 franc Colonial Treasury Type 1855

About :#NA - 1 franc Colonial Treasury Type 1855

Colonial Treasury. Coupons. Decree of June 1st, 1854. Black. Uniface. Light green. Rare.

Guadeloupe. Colonial Treasury. Coupons. Decree of April 23, 1855. Repayable May 31, 1858. Work of Saunier. Dimensions: 125 x 77 mm. Not issued. Banknote without the "Treasury" watermark? Printer: unknown. Black print on light beige paper. Front: vignette composed of an exotic floral frame with snakes, horns of plenty, a sailboat three masts left, anchor, barrels at the bottom of the note. The value "Bon de Caisse d' UN FRANC" is printed in the center. A top left slot is provided for the banknote number affixed by hand. Three signatures with The Controller, The Authorizing Officer and The Treasurer. Numbering and signatures are handwritten. Back: uniface. No known specimens. Banknote found: the copy in photo, probably unique is unknown to the Pick and Not Assigned (= NA). Unknown also from Kolsky for local reference. Very rare !

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