1 franc Colonial Treasury Type 1858

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Colonial Treasury. Coupons. Decree of April 23, 1855 and March 3, 1858. Repayable May 31, 1863. Work of Saunier. Dimensions: 125 x 77 mm. Banknote with "Treasury" watermark. Black print on light beige paper. Front: vignette composed of an exotic floral frame with snakes, horns of plenty, a sailboat three masts left, anchor, barrels at the bottom of the note. The value "1 Fr." is printed obliquely in a medallion on the right and the number of the bill "#31034" is affixed by hand in another medallion provided for this purpose on the left. Three signatures with The Controller, The Authorizing Officer and The Treasurer. Signatures are often unidentified. Back: uniface. No known specimens. Banknotes found: the only copy (see photo) #31034 and some copies with unissued, unsigned and unnumbered stumps. Very rare!

3 variants#A2 - 1 franc Colonial Treasury Type 1858

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#A2a1858RRRRHandwritten date and signatures.
#A2b1858RRRRFacsimile of the note not issued, unsigned and unnumbered.
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