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French India. Bank of Indochina. French settlements in India. Trading station of Pondicherry. 1919-1945 Issues. Work by Charles-Albert Walhain and engraving by Émile Deloche. Issue date printed for the first date: "Pondicherry, November 12, 1919". Banknote issued from 1919 to 1945. Dimensions: 122 x 80 mm. Watermark: No. Printer: Bank of France. Multicolored front and back printing, predominantly blue and brown. Description of the front: security background composed of small flowers in repeat. On the left, an allegory of France helmeted in a circular medallion and identical to the 5-franc note Type 1917 Helmeted woman. Texts in French and in English printed in blue. The signatures are printed in blue and the numbering in black. The value "1 R" is printed in gold color at the corners. Seven combinations of signatures with The President and the Chief Executive Officer. Back description: monochrome print in orange. The text "BANQUE DE L'INDO CHINE" and article 139 of the penal code are printed in French in an orange rectangle at the top and bottom of the note. Text in Tamil in the center. Promissory text. The specimen is known perforated "SPECIMEN" horizontally in the center and numbered "O.000 - 000". A second specimen is known perforated "SPECIMEN" vertically in the center and numbered "O.00 - 000". A last specimen is known not overprinted, not perforated, dated and numbered "O.000 - 000". Some copies are also known overprinted "CANCELLED" in blue or purple with or without frame around the stamp. 504,000 issued notes. The dates from 1919 to 1928 are very rare. The series of the 1919 Issue is printed at bottom only!

Banknotes :Bank of Indo-China, Pondicherry (1915-1945)

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pick#4/#4A 1 roupie type 1923
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