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About :#21 - 10 centimes Type 1915

Reunion Island. Colonial Treasury. Emergency Fractional issues. Issue of 1915. Dimensions: 50 x 32 mm. Banknote without watermark. Monochrome print in black on yellow card. Printer: unknown. Front: The title "Banque de la Réunion". The value in letters and numbers "10 BON POUR 10" is printed at the center of the note. No numbering. Verso: one signature: The Director: Mas and a dry stamp of 27 mm bearing the words "Bank of Reunion, law and decrees of July 11, 1885". 50,000 issued bonds. No known specimens.

Banknotes :Bank of Reunion - Emergency Banknotes (1942-1943)

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#21 - 10 centimes Type 1915