10 Dirhams Type 1970 Morocco


Pick: #57 , The Banknote Book: B405

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Bank of Morocco. Kingdom of Morocco. 1970 issue in Dirhams. Dimensions: 144 x 72 mm. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited of London. Watermark: portrait of Hassan II. Multicolored recto and verso print predominantly beige on white paper. Front: On the left, portrait of King Hassan II in costume in the foreground and view of a Moroccan villa in the background. The value in figures is printed in the upper left corner and in the lower right corner. The numbering, the alphabet and the date 1985-1405 are printed in black. Back: The mention "Bank of Morocco" is printed in French at the top of the vignette. View of an industrial manufacturing process in action. The value in letters is printed in brown on the lower left-hand vignette. The article of law is printed in brown in a cartridge at the bottom. Two variants of signatures. Known specimen with "SPECIMEN" surcharge in red obliquely in the center on the front and back "SPECIMEN" number in the low margin. Copies seen: #006 and #071. Two oval stamps "Specimen De La Rue & Co Ltd No Value" on the front and back and two perforations in the signatures.

Banknotes :Bank of Morocco (1960-1985)

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