10 Dollars Type 1866


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Canada. Province of Canada. Issue from October 1, 1866, Ottawa. 10 Dollars Type 1866. Engraving: American Bank Note Company. Ltd, New York. Printer: British American Bank Note Company. Ltd., Montreal & Ottawa. Dimensions: 188 x 77 mm. No watermark. No security thread. Front and back: print in black and green. Front: on the left, a representation of Christopher Columbus and his sailors spotting the lands of America and on the right, two beavers. In the center, a lion framed by an anchor and ships on the left, a sheaf of wheat and a train on the right. The note contains an alphabet letter "A, B, C, D, E ...". The banknote number is repeated twice and printed in blue (for Montreal) or red (for Toronto and St. John). In vertical, the words: "PAYABLE AT MONTREAL" or "PAYABLE AT TORONTO" are repeated twice in green. The value "$ 10" and in letters "Ten" are printed in rosettes. The note contains the handwritten signature of Deputy Receiver General T.D. Harington on the right and the signature of a local agent for the City of Montreal, Toronto or St. John on the left (Countersigned for Provincial Agents). Back: green monochrome print. The letter value "X" is repeated twice in rosettes. In the center in a medallion, mention: "Province of Canada". No specimen found. Uniface proof of the front known in black and white numbered in red "A 1760". One known note for Montreal: B 000638. Counterfeit: A 1 Dollar note was counterfeited in a 10 dollar bill (Payable in Montreal): "B 97988". Banknotes for Toronto and St. John: we did not find any copies.

Banknotes :Province of Canada (1866)

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