10 francs Type 1873 Reunion


Pick: #12 , The Banknote Book: B202 , Other: #K402

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Bank of Reunion. Emission authorized by decree of September 12, 1873. Dimensions: 134 x 87 mm. Printer: Lithograph by A. Roussin, Réunion. 60000 issued notes. Without watermark. Monochrome printing in green on cream paper. Description of the front: On the left the stump cut with "BANQUE DE LA REUNION" in vertical. Inside a double frame, floral arrangement with three cherubs at the bottom of the vignette. Numbering in green of the alphabet at the top of the note. In the center of the note, "BANQUE DE LA REUNION" and the value "DIX FRANCS" in horizontal. Two signatures: The Director: Bridet and The Cashier: Bellier-Montrose. No back, single note. Article 139 of the Penal Code is not printed. Alphabets found: B1 and N1. This banknote is very rare!

Banknotes :Bank of Reunion (1873-1934)

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