10 francs Type 1896 Congo Free State


Pick: #1 , The Banknote Book: B101

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Belgian Congo. Congo Free State. 1896 Issues. Dimensions: 145 x 70 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: no. Printer: Waterlow & Sons Ld, London Wall, London. No security thread. The note is dated V February 1896. Polychrome front and back printing, predominantly black, yellow and olive green. Texts in French. Description of the front: frame composed of small patterns and rosettes with the value "10" repeated in the upper corners. In the center at the top, the words "INDEPENDENT STATE OF THE CONGO" are printed in white in a black cartridge. Below, the place and date of issue and the series. In the center, a young boy is holding a cornucopia from which fruit and vegetables come out. Behind on the left, a train crosses a bridge and on the right, a factory and its smoking chimney. The signatures are printed in black. The banknote number is printed twice in red. At the bottom, the value in letters "TEN" is printed twice in green. A single combination of signatures with Chief Treasurer Henry Poquer and Secretary of State Edmond van Eetvelde. Description of the back: guilloche frame with the value "10" oblique in the corners. In the center, a large rose window and the wording of the issuing institute repeated above and below. On the left in an oval medallion, a woman wearing a laurel wreath. On the right, the value in letters "TEN" is printed in an oval rosette. No specimen known for Type.

Banknotes :Congo Free State (1896)

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