10 francs Type 1920-1928

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State Bank of Morocco. Banknote issued in 1920. First and second type. Work of A. Giraldon and engraving of Rita for the front and A. Giraldon and engraving by Eugène Gaspérini for the back. Dimensions: 145 x 90 mm. Watermark: Lion's head in profile. 6000000 of issued notes. Print in blue and light beige on white paper. Front: Frame composed of repetitive shapes with beige patterned security background. Monogram "BEM" of the "State Bank of Morocco" in the center of the frame at the top. The creation date, the numbering and the alphabet are printed in black. In the center, the value in letters with the mention "PAYABLES A VUE AU PORTEUR". The value in figures is positioned in white below the watermark on the left. The law article is printed at the bottom of the note in a clear cartridge. Back: Frame decorated with floral motifs on a continuous patterned beige safety background.

PICK # 11a: two variants of signatures.
Dates: 4-5-1920, 1-2-1921 and 4-12-1921 with the Signatures El Mokri (Omar) / Gaurand / Derville.
Dates: 12-12-1921, 1-12-1923 and 15-4-1924 with Signatures El Mokri (Omar) / Rengnet / Derville.

PICK # 11b: three signature variants.
Dates: from 13-4-1924 to 18-8-1924 with Signatures El Mokri (Omar) / Rengnet / Derville.
Dates: from 23-10-1925 to 1-48-1926 with Signatures El Mokri (Omar) / Rengnet / Cambon.
Date: 1-7-1928 with the Signatures El Mokri (Omar) / Desoubry / Cambon.

3 variants#11 - 10 francs Type 1920-1928

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#11a1920RRRAlphabets 1 à 240. Date : 4-5-1920 au 15-4-1924.
#11b1924RRAlphabets 241 à 1034. Dates : 15-5-1924 au 1-7-1928.
#11s1920RRRSpécimen perforé « SPECIMEN », signé et numéroté 0.00-000.
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