10 francs Type 1926 Madagascar

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Madagascar. Bank of Madagascar. Banknote issued between 1926 and 1948. No date. Dimensions: 135 x 85 mm. No security thread. Watermark: a woman's head wearing a laurel wreath. Printer: Imprimerie Chaix, Paris. Front and back: Multicolored printing predominantly pale blue and green. Front: background composed of repeating patterns with palm trees and some ears of corn on the sides. On the right, a Malagasy girl holds a basket of local fruits. The value in the letters "TEN FRANCS" is printed in dark blue in the center of the note. The issuing institute "Bank of Madagascar", the numbering and the alphabet are printed in black. Three signature variants with the Director General and the Comptroller General printed in dark blue. Back: background consisting of fruits and vegetables. In the center, a settler watches a plowing scene with a zebu team driven by a local farmer. Above the value "10 FRANCS" is printed in dark blue. At the bottom, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed on three lines in a blue rectangle. The specimen is known unnumbered and perforated in small letters "SPECIMEN" oblique. Other references: The Banknote Book (TBB): BDM #B3, Kolsky-Leclerc: #803 to #805.

Signatures variants:
Signatures #1 : H. Saurin / A. Dejouany
Signatures #2 : P. Chaudun / A. Dejouany
Signatures #3 : M. Gonon / A. Dejouany

6 variants#36 - 10 francs Type 1926 Madagascar

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#36a1926CNo date. Signatures #1 : H. Saurin / A. Dejouany.
#36b1937CNo date. Signatures #2 : P. Chaudun / A. Dejouany.
#36c1948CNo date. Signatures #3 : M. Gonon / A. Dejouany.
#36s11926CSpecimen not numbered, perforated "SPECIMEN".

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