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Katanga. Bank of the Republic of Katanga. Design test dated 1960. Date: 01.08.60. Dimensions: unknown. Watermark: no. Material: paper. No security thread. Printer: Thomas De La Rue (TDLR), London. Single-sided printing in green and yellow and single-sided back in dark blue monochrome. Description of the front: security background made up of small patterns in green / yellow / green gradient. Texts in French. Value "10" in the right angles. Electricity pylons in the center. Date in black. Prefix and numbering in black (A 000000). Text prohibiting the counterfeiting of banknotes at the bottom center. Combinations of signatures with a Director and the Governor: Signature / Signature. Description of the back: monochrome printing in dark blue. Background composed of abstract patterns. Texts in French. Value "10" on the sides.

Note: “a scarce design trial that highlights a relatively unappreciated step in banknote production. When firms are hired to create banknotes for an issuing agent, multiple trials and unadopted designs are created before finalizing the banknote. However, when a new country or issuer is formed, banknote producers hastily create trials to attract new business, as was the case with this example. TDLR ultimately lost the contract to produce Katanga banknotes, but this rare trial offers a glimpse into the business side of banknote production”. (Source: Heritage Auctions).

Banknotes :National Bank of Katanga - Unissued (1960)

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