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Switzerland. Swiss National Bank (Schweizerische Nationalbank). Eighth issue (1994-2014). The banknote is dated 1995 but is only issued from 08-04-1997. Work by Jörg Zintzmeyer. Printer: Art Institute Orell Füssli AG, Zurich. Dimensions: 74 x 126 mm. Watermark: Portrait of Le Corbusier. Front and back: Multicolored print predominantly yellow. Front: composition in vertical with a portrait of the architect, urban planner, painter and theorist "Le Corbusier (1887-1965)". At the bottom of the front, a raised circle containing a point is intended to facilitate the recognition of the note by the blind. The SNB's translation texts are printed in vertical double-sided, in brown, red and blue and in four languages: Romansh, French, German and Italian. In addition to the traditional protection marks (watermark, security thread, double-sided mark, etc.), the banknote contains five new special security features arranged vertically on the left-hand side and in the center of the note and identified by eight letters (A to H). These security features are essentially embedded in the "10" value: the magic number, the color number, the dancing number (in the center above the portrait), the chameleon number and the glittering number. Three issue dates and six signature variants with the Chairman of the Board and a member of the Executive Board. Back: composition in vertical with a view of the Courthouse of Chandigarh, the facade of the secretariat, the building of the Secretariat of Chandigarh and the "Modulor", a system of universal proportions created by Corbusier. Both signatures are printed in blue. The banknote number is repeated twice outside and inside the illustration and printed in black and blue. The first two digits preceding the serial number letter indicate the date of issue. Known specimen signed, numbered "95 A 0000000" or "02 E 0000000", perforated "SPECIMEN" in vertical and overprinted "SPECIMEN" in horizontal red on the front. A three-digit specimen number is printed in black next to the watermark on the reverse side under the number. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B349.

Signatures variants:
Signatures #65 : Jacob Schönenberger / Markus Lusser.
Signatures #66 : Jacob Schönenberger / Hans Meyer.
Signatures #67 : Jacob Schönenberger / Jean Zwahlen.
Signatures #70 : Eduard Belser / Hans Meyer.
Signatures #71 : Eduard Belser / Jean-Pierre Roth.
Signatures #72 : Eduard Belser / Bruno Gehrig.

5 variants#66 - 10 francs Type 1995

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#66a1995CSign. #65, #66, #67. Série : 95A-95V.
#66b1996CSign. #65, #66, #67. Série : 96A-96V.
#66c2000CSign. #70, #71, #72. Série : 00A-00V.
#66s11995RRRSpécimen perforé "SPECIMEN" en vertical. s/n : 95 A 0000000.
#66s22002RRRSpécimen perforé "SPECIMEN" en vertical. s/n : 02 U 0000000.

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