10 francs Type 2016


Pick: #75 , The Banknote Book: B355

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Switzerland. Swiss National Bank (Schweizerische Nationalbank). Ninth issue (2015-20xx) whose theme is: Switzerland with many facets. The banknote is dated 2016 but is only issued from 18-10-2017. This is the third note issued in the order of six denominations of the new series of banknotes. Work by Manuela Pfrunder. Printer: Art Institute Orell Füssli AG, Zurich. Dimensions: 70 x 123 mm. Watermark: The Swiss flag and a globe. Front and back: Multicolored print predominantly yellow. The main themes of the note are time and sense of organization. These are materialized on the front by the hands of the conductor beating the measure with his wand and the time zones on the globe. The two themes are reproduced on the back with the clockwork mechanism, the Lötschberg tunnel and the Swiss railway network. The value in figures "10" is printed in yellow on the left at the bottom of the front and on the top left on the back. The SNB's translation texts are printed in horizontal blue on the front and vertical on the back and in four languages: Romansh, French, German and Italian. The banknote contains five new special security features: by tilting the bill, a golden bow moves across the globe and red and green numbers appear on four lines in the reflective strip below the globe. Looking at the note in the light, a triangle and the security thread are perfectly visible, as well as the Swiss cross at the top left which is transformed into a Swiss flag. Finally, by passing the finger on the value and the texts of the SNB, one can feel a slight relief. One issue date and three variants of signatures with the Chairman of the Board and a member of the Executive Board. On the back, both signatures are printed in yellow. The banknote number is repeated twice inside the illustration and printed in brown and black. The first two digits preceding the serial number letter indicate the date of issue. No known specimen for the Type. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B355.

Signatures variants:
Signatures #80 : Jean Studer / Thomas Jordan.
Signatures #82 : Jean Studer / Fritz Zurbrügg.
Signatures #83 : Jean Studer / Andréa M. Maechler.

Banknotes :Swiss National Bank, ninth issue (2015-20xx)

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