100 francs Flag back Type 1944

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France. Supplemental French franc currency. American Impressions for the "Tom Cat" Operation. Date of Issue: 6-6-1944. 100 francs Type 1944 "Flag" back. Dimensions: 156 x 66 mm. No date. 144,000,000 issued notes. No watermark, but a security sign symbolized by a stylized "F" for "Forbes" is hidden in the vignette on the front. Printer: Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Co., Boston. Front and back: multicolored print, mainly green and blue. On the front: black and white frame decorated with abstract shapes and two rosettes printed in dark blue on the sides. A security background is composed of wavy curved lines printed in blue above abstract shapes in green and blue. The value in numbers is repeated twice in dark blue in the corners and once in the center in white in a dark blue cartridge. The value in letters "CENT FRANCS" and the words "SÉRIE DE 1944 / CENT FRANCS / ÉMIS EN / FRANCE" are printed in dark blue on each side of the value. The eight-digit banknote number is printed twice in black. No signatures. On the back: dark blue and white frame decorated with abstract shapes. A security background composed of curved lines in blue and red converge on a medallion in the center placed on a pedestal decorated with leaves, in which is the tricolor flag and the three currencies of France: "FREEDOM, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY". Specimen numbered 00000000 with "SPECIMEN" perforated horizontally in the center of the note. Replacement note with the letter "X" printed on a issued note. This last banknote is very rare: 22 copies are currently listed (source: www.frenchbanknotesofwar.com). Other reference: Schwan-Boling: #146.

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#118a06-06-1944Cfrom 00000001 to99999999w/o serial (Flag back). 100,000,000 issued notes.
#118b06-06-1944Rfrom 00000001 to43999999Block: # 2 (Flag back). 44,000,000 issued notes.
#118r06-06-1944RRRBlock: # XS (Flag back).
#118s06-06-1944RRSpecimen perforated "SPECIMEN". Numbered: 00000000.

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