100 francs Marianne Type 1943


Pick: #105 , Other: #VF.06

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France. Treasure. Central Treasury. 1943-1945 Issues. 100 Francs Marianne Type 1943 (Fayette-Dessal: # VF.06, Pick: # 105a or Schwan-Boling: # 116). The note is not dated but was issued on October 2, 1943 (date printed on reverse). Work by Edmund Dulac. Dimensions: 156 x 100 mm. Printer: Bradbury and Wilkinson, London, England. Watermark: No. Multicolored double-sided printing with a green-purple-green gradient security background with the value "100" repeated continuously. Description of the front: Frame composed of a stylized floral motif repeated continuously. The value "100" is repeated on the left and on the right at the top. The series and numbering are printed in red. Signatures, values ​​and labels are printed in dark blue. In the center, in an eye-shaped medallion, a portrait of Marianne wearing a Phrygian cap in profile. Palms, fruits and exotic flowers around the face. A combination of signatures with The Head of the Central Treasury Service, Chamski and The Controller of the Issues Service, Diethelm. Description of the back: Texts in French and in blue. Stylized floral arrangement repeated in the angles on a pink-blue-pink gradient background. The official mentions “French Republic” and “Central Treasury” in the center at the top and the Ordinance of October 2, 1943. In the center, a composition symbolizing the colonial territories with an anchor, a barrel, a fish and local agricultural products. Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed below on five lines and framed by the value "100" repeated on the left and on the right. The drawing on this note was also used in green and yellow by the Central Bank of Free France for issues in overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon, Réunion, Martinique and Guyane). Rare note for the PH and PK series. 5,999,995 issued notes (1,000,000 per series).

550 copies in inventory (January 12, 2021) 


(1) A potential find of at least 182 "PG" series banknotes is confirmed with currently 53 banknotes listed between PG numbers 788,086 and PG 788,272. The banknotes are all in AU to UNC grade.
(2) The PJ series is not confirmed.

Banknotes :Central Treasury (1943-1945)

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