100 francs Type 1848 Définitif


Pick: #45a , Other: F.A24

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France. Bank of France. 1800-1861 Issues. 100 francs Type 1848 “Définitif” (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.A24 or Pick: # 45a). Creation date: September 14, 1848 to January 24, 1856. Issue date: October 17, 1848. Work by Charles Normand and engraving by André Galle. Dimensions: 180 x 110 mm. Printer: Banque de France. Watermark: "100F Banque de France" in the center of the note. Front and back: Monochrome printing in black. Description of the front: general composition with an oval ornamental frieze inspired by the 500-franc note Type 1817 but with a reduction in size. At the top, a bust of a woman wearing a laurel wreath is surrounded by two cornucopias. Below, two reclining women hold caduceus. In the center, the issuing institute, the date and the value with two medallions on the sides each containing "Article 139 of the Penal Code". The note has three signatures with The Chief Cashier, The Controller and The General Secretary: De Crousaz-Crétet, Doisy (or delegates) and Ville. The signatures are affixed to the stamp, but only the signature of the Controller remains handwritten. The banknote number (handwritten) and the alphabet are shown twice in the border of the oval frieze. Description of the back: reverse identical printing of the front! The 100 francs Type 1848 has 8 different issue dates and 18 copies are currently known in inventory.

Banknotes :Bank of France (1800-1861)

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