100 francs Type 1914


Pick: #84 , The Banknote Book: B542 , Other: #M056

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Belgium. National Bank of Belgium. Issue of 1914, series "Current accounts". Banknote issued on 08-27-1914 and withdrawn from circulation on 09-10-1944. 100 francs Type 1914 (Ref. TBB: # B542 or Pick: # 84). Put into circulation on 09-21-1914. Work by Max Weber. Dimensions: 182 x 106 mm. Printer: National Bank of Belgium. Watermark: No. Front and back: printing in dark blue and light blue. Description of the front: a guilloche frame and repetitive graphic patterns surround a light blue security background with the value in figures "100" roughly in the center and the value in letters "FRANCS" on each side. All texts are printed in French and dark blue. Only the banknote number is printed in red. On the left in an oval medallion, a portrait of Leopold I in military costume. At the bottom of the frame, the text of the Law is printed on two lines. The note has two signatures with The Treasurer, Antoine Babau and The Governor, Théophile de Lanstsheere. Description of the back: a guilloche frame and small rosettes surround a security background in light green. All texts are in Dutch and printed in yellow and brown-yellow. The value in figures is printed in the center in a large rosette. The specimen is known with a red overprint "SPECIMEN" in vertical on the left margin, dated "27-8-14" and numbered "D 00000". Series: A to E. Note printed at 504,000 copies.

Banknotes :National Bank of Belgium - Current accounts (1914)

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