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About :#13 - 100 francs Type 1938

Tunisia. French administration. Bank note from Bank of Algeria overprinted "Tunisia" in vertical on the right. Issue period: 1939 to 1942. Work by Jacques Simon and engraving by G. Beltrand. Dimensions: 157 x 93 mm. Two types of watermarks: profile of a Moorish woman and “BANK OF ALGERIA” printed continuously in an octagonal medallion on the right. Front and back: polychrome print, mainly yellow, blue and orange. Description of the front: a blue and yellow floral frame with two ears of wheat on the sides and the value "100" printed in red in the upper corners. On the left, the portrait of a local notable in traditional costume. In the center at the top in the frame, the wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE". Below, the value “CENT FRANCS” and its translation into Arabic are printed in red. In the background, an Algerian house and a mountain landscape. The signatures, numbering and date of issue are printed in black. In the frame below, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in red in a cartouche. Only one type of signature is known with Escallier, The Director General, Sebald, The Caissier Principal and De Roux, The Secretary General. Description on the back: a frame decorated with bunches of grapes, dates and two palm branches frame an Algerian rural landscape with a mountain range and a hillside village. In the center, a peasant and his two oxen plow a field. Below, in a light blue frame, article 139 of the Penal Code is written in Arabic. The specimen is known overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red diagonally on the watermark, signed Sebald / Escallier / De Roux, dated "0-00-0000" and numbered "0.0000 - 000". An identical specimen is known but it is dated "2-91-1421".

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria (1920-1942)

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#13 - 100 francs Type 1938