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French Equatorial Africa (FEA). Caisse Centrale de la France Libre. No date (1941). Work by Edmund Dulac. Dimensions: 156 x 99 mm. Printer: Bradbury and Wilkinson of London. Watermark with torch and the initials “FL” in a circle. No security thread. Front and back: printing in dark green with a security background in yellow and green gradient with the value "100" repeated continuously. Front: the value "100" is repeated on the left and right of the ticket. Numbering printed in red. Signatures, values ​​and labels are printed in dark green. In the center, in an eye-shaped medallion, a portrait of Marianne wearing a Phrygian cap in profile. Exotic palms, fruits and flowers around the face. Two signatures: The Chief Executive Officer: André Diethelm and The Chairman of the Supervisory Board: René Pleven. Back: on a yellow and green gradient background, the title in the center, then the Ordinance of December 2, 1941, an anchor, a barrel, a fish and colonial agricultural products. Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed below on five lines and surrounded by the value "100" repeated on the left and on the right. The specimen is known to only 54 copies with a red "SPECIMEN" overprint diagonally and a perforation "114" upside down. Copy seen: "PC 771,932". One specimen is known numbered "PA 000,001-PE 1,000,000" with a red number "12,345" in the upper margin and horizontally perforated "SPECIMEN" in small characters. A specimen of approval numbered “A 0 000 000”, dated “3-9-42” and annotated by hand “Approved” and comprising an illegible signature. Finally, a green-blue monochrome print on the front is known unnumbered on large format paper.

a) The programs for Brazzaville:
1944 (June 14): PA 500,001 to PA 1,000,000.
1944 (December 21): PC 000,001 to PC 50,000.
1944 (December 21): PC 300,001 to PC 1,000,000.
1944 (December 21): PD 000,001 to PD 400,000.
1944 (December 21): PD 500,001 to PD 600,000.
1944 (December 21): PD 900,001 to PD 1,000,000.
1945 (February 21): PB 000,001 to PB 100,000 (Note).
1945 (February 21): PB 200,001 to PB 350,000.
1945 (February 21): PB 370,001 to PB 700,000.
1946 (May 7): PE 000.001 to PD 590,000.

Note: banknotes in the series PB 000,001 to PB 200,000 were lost at sea when sent to Reunion (source: Leclerc-Kolsky).

b) Emissions for Cameroon:
1944 (March 20): PB 350,001 to PB 370,000.
1944 (March 20): PC 050,001 to PC 300,000.
1944 (March 20): PD 400,001 to PC 500,000.
1944 (March 20): PD 600,001 to PC 900,000.

Note: identical banknote issued for Reunion and St-Pierre & Miquelon with different serial numbers.

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PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#131944CBrazzaville issue.
#131944CCameroon issue.
#131941CDiagonal red "SPECIMEN".
#131941CHorizontal perforated "SPECIMEN".

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