100 francs Type 1943 (UK)

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Bank of Guyana. No date (1943). First issue in 1946. Work of Edmund Dulac. Dimensions: 156 x 99 mm. Printer: Bradbury and Wilkinson of London. Banknote without watermark. Front: Print in dark green with a red and yellow safety background with the word "GUYANE" repeated continuously. Two vertical "GUYANE" surcharges in red printed on the left and right of the note. Numbering in red and labels in dark green. In the center, in a medallion in the shape of an eye, a portrait of Marianne wearing a phrygian cap in profile. Palms, fruits and exotic flowers around the figure. Two signatures printed in dark green: The Chief Executive Officer: A. Postel-Vinay and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board: J. Leclerc. Back: in the center, the title, then the ordinance of February 2, 1944, an anchor, a barrel, a fish and colonial agricultural productions. Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed below on five lines. Specimen of known issued note with two horizontal surcharges "SPECIMEN" and cancellation perforation on signatures, numbered PF 000,000. Number range of issued notes: PU 800.001 to PU 1,000,000. Banknotes found: PU 813,028 - PU 819,684 - PU 950,478 - PU 953,580. In December 1973, there were still 6674 copies in circulation.

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