100 francs Type 1956 Togo


Pick: #46 , The Banknote Book: B303 , Other: #LK207

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French West Africa. Issuing Institute of F.W.A and Togo. 1955-1960 Issues. 100 francs Type 1956. Work by Clément Serveau. Printer: Banque de France, Paris. Dimensions: 130 x 85 mm. Watermark: woman's head from the front. Front and back: multicolored print, mainly red, yellow and brown. On the front: on the right, a young girl with braided hair and decorated with jewelry poses in front of her village. On the left, a Baoulé mask and in the center the area reserved for the watermark. At the top of the note in the center in dark blue, the issuing institute "ISSUING INSTITUTE OF F.W.A AND TOGO". The value "100" is printed in red in a yellow rectangle and repeated in the upper corners. The numbering, date and signatures are printed in black. A single type of signatures with The President, Robert Tezenas du Montcel and The Director General, Robert Julienne. On the back: a young African girl with braided hair seems lost in thought! The value “100” is printed in red in a pale yellow rectangle and repeated in the upper corners. Above, the issuing institute "ISSUING INSTITUTE OF F.W.A AND TOGO" is printed in dark blue in a yellow-orange cartridge. On the right, the value in letters is printed in dark blue above article 139 of the Penal Code. At the bottom of the bill, a Dahomean-inspired sculpture. The specimen is dated "00-00-0000", numbered "O.0-00000", perforated "SPECIMEN" and includes the signatures of R. Tezenas du Montcel and R. Julienne. Another specimen presented in a box has the handwritten signature of The President Robert Tezenas du Montcel on the front. Three complete printing proofs of the back, one of which is perforated "SPECIMEN" are known in private collection.

Banknotes :Issuing Institute of French West Africa and Togo (1955-1957)

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