1000 francs Arnaud Type 1945 Reserve

About :#96 - 1000 francs Arnaud Type 1945 Reserve

Bank of Algeria. Allied occupation. Banknote designed in 1945 but kept in reserve. 1000 Francs Type 1945 says "Arnaud". Work of Cyprien Boulet, Georges Reguier for the engraving of the front and Auguste Chapon for the engraving of the back. Three issues dates: 23-3-1945, 23-5-1945 and 23-3-1949. Printer: Arnaud in Lyon on a paper from the Marais paper mill. Dimensions: 142 x 73 mm. Watermark: European woman's head. Front and back full color printing. Front: floral frame inlaid with scallop shells. Bust of European woman wearing an orange drape on the left and a caravel on the right. The signatures, numbering, alphabet and date are printed in black. Values ​​in numbers and letters are printed in orange. Two signatures with The Principal Cashier, Sebald and The Secretary General, De Roux. Back: bust of a European woman leaning on a pedestal on which stands a statue of winged victory. In the background, seen from a field of wheat harvested with on the left, a couple of colonists bustling at work. At the bottom center in a blue frame, article 139 of the Penal Code. All known specimens are overprinted "SPECIMEN" red oblique and dated 23-3-1945. They are all of the alphabet "Z.1080". Known copies: Z.1080-293, Z.1080-355 and Z.1080-359 to 444 (85 copies). Uniface specimen of the backside overprinted "SPECIMEN" red oblique. Banknote very rare: we have listed only 18 copies in issue (alphabets: B.911, U.912, C.990 and V.1031) and all dated 23-3-1945. (Other reference: Kolsky: # 62).

2 variants#96 - 1000 francs Arnaud Type 1945 Reserve

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#96a1945RRRRFew copies known!
#96s1945RRRRSpécimen surchargé "SPECIMEN" rouge en diagonale.
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