1,000 francs Comoros Type 2006


Pick: #16 , The Banknote Book: B307

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Comoros. Central Bank of Comoros. 1996-2006 Issues. Dimensions: 126 x 66 mm. Date of issue: 30-12-2005. Solide security thread with printed BCC. Watermark: crescent moon with BCC and electrotype stars. Printer: Bank of France. Front and back: multicolored print, mainly blue, orange and green. Description of the front: security background composed of repetitive shapes. New safety sign intended to prevent reproduction with the impression of small green circles also called "Omron rings". On the left in blue, a Coelacanth, a rare fish from the Indian Ocean and below the Nioumachouha islands. The texts are in French. The label "CENTRAL BANK OF COMOROS" and the value in letters are printed in dark red. The numerical value is printed twice in dark blue. On the left, a few lines from a poem in French. Two variants of signatures are known with P / The Governor, The Vice-Governor and The Chairman of the Board of Directors. Description of the back: background composed of Omron rings in yellow and repetitive graphic shapes. The texts are in French and in Arabic. In the center of the drawing, a man in a pirogue boat and a poem in French by Mab Elhad. The numbering is printed in blue and black. The law article is printed in blue under the watermark on the left in three lines. The specimen is known to be perforated "SPECIMEN" horizontally and numbered "A000000".

Banknotes :Central Bank of Comoros (1996-2006)

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