1000 francs Fisherman Type 1955

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Bank of Guadeloupe. No date (1955). Issued note in 1956. Work of Robert Poughéon. Dimensions: 185 x 102 mm. Watermark with West Indian head profile left. Front and back: multicolored printing. Front: the labels and the value "1000" are printed in dark blue. The word "GUADELOUPE" is repeated in red and continuously in the margin around the banknote. Numbering and signature printed in black. On the left, Caribbean fisherman's bust wearing a hat and on the right, a second seated fisherman, busy cleaning fish. Butterflies and flowers on the sides of the bill. One signature: The Director General: A. Postel-Vinay. Back: view of a banana tree on the right, a West Indian with a banana tray. On the left, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in a yellow cartridge. Butterflies and flowers on the sides of the note as on the front. Specimen of the issued note numbered O.00 - 000 with "SPECIMEN" in vertical perforations to the right of the note and two black specimens printed diagonally at the upper corners. Number range of issued notes: 1 to 1,668,000. The photo note bears the Specimen #197 number written in black ink on the front. The issued note is very rare to find: a known copy: Z2-188.

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#39a1955RRRR36981 billets non rentrés en caisse !
#39p1955RRREpreuve du recto, signée et numérotée O.00 - 000.
#39s1955RRRSpécimen du billet émis numéroté O.00 - 000.

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