1000 francs Free France Type 1943 French Guiana UK printing


Pick: #16A , The Banknote Book: B302 , Other: #K217

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Bank of Guyana. No date (1943). First issue in 1946. Work of Edmund Dulac. Dimensions: 185 x 112 mm. Printer: Bradbury and Wilkinson of London. Watermark with Marianne's head turned left. Front: print the frame and labels in dark blue. Security background in pink and green gradient with the number "1000" in continuous repetition. Two overprinted surcharges in black and oblique "FRENCH GUIANA" under the title "Caisse centrale ...". Numbering in red. In the center of the note, a white phoenix rises from the ashes. Two signatures: The Chief Executive Officer: Diethelm and The Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Pleven. Back: on the left, traces of the war with ruins and on the right, the symbol of reconstruction. In the center, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed above the value "1000". Specimen on issued note signed and numbered with surcharge "CANCELED" in purple or black and oblique on the front.

First issue: 1946.11.27 (TA 165,001 - 175,000). Second issue: 1946.12.24 (TA 175,001 - 190,000).

This banknote is very rare: 11 copies remained in circulation in August 1960!

Banknotes :Caisse Centrale de la France Libre (1943)

pick#16 100 francs France libre type 1943 (GB)
pick#16A 1000 francs France libre type 1943 (GB)
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