1000 francs Type 1907


Pick: #4 , The Banknote Book: B304

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Switzerland. Swiss National Bank (Schweizerische Nationalbank). First issue of 1907. Interim banknote issued on 20-06-1907 and withdrawn from circulation on 01-07-1925. Without value from 01-07-1945. Work by Albert Walch. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. in London. Dimensions: 215 x 132 mm. Watermark with the number "1000". No security thread. Front and back: purple and pink print. Front: The numbering and the alphabet are printed in red. Labels, place and date of issue and signatures are printed in black. The value "1000" is repeated three times in an oval frame. The vignette is overprinted at the top right of a red rosette with the Swiss cross in the center. The texts are printed in three languages: French, German and Italian. On the left, an allegory of free Switzerland illustrated by a woman standing holding a sword and a shield with the Swiss cross on it. She extends her left hand towards the inside of the vignette. On the right, a young child supports a frame with the value "1000" inscribed inside. Three variants of signatures with The Chief Cashier, The President of the Bank Council and The Director. Back: The texts in the center are printed in three languages: French, German and Italian. In two medallions on the sides, two portraits of Mercury, the god of Commerce. The value "1000" is repeated four times in the corners. No known specimen. Banknote very rare: 37 copies are not returned. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B304.

Signatures variants:
Signatures # 1: A. Chevallier / Johann-Daniel Hirter / Heinrich Kundert.
Signatures # 2: A. Chevallier / Johann-Daniel Hirter / Rodolphe de Haller.
Signatures # 3: A. Chevallier / Johann-Daniel Hirter / Auguste Burckhardt.

Banknotes :Swiss National Bank, first issue (1907)

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