1000 francs Type 1940 "Makoko"

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Government General of French Equatorial Africa. 1940 Emergency Issues. The voucher is not dated. Not issued and remained in the testing stage. Dimensions: 217 x 140 mm. Printer: Official Printing Office of the General Government of French Equatorial Africa in Brazzaville. Paper: "Lafuma" in cream color. Watermark: not verified. Front: the composition is quite simple with the text "GOVERNMENT GENERAL OF FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA" at the top. In the center, a photo featuring the portrait of Makoko, King of Batékés "the people of Teké". Banknote of the "Series A" and numbered "976983". The texts are probably in black and the values ​​in red as the 1000 francs Type 1940 "Paddler". Two types of signatures are written in pencil: The Governor General P. I., Gal de Larminat and The Treasurer General, Jaffeux. The value "1000" is repeated twice on each side of the portrait. Below, two circles simulate the location of the dry stamp of the Republic to authenticate the voucher. In the center in the picture and under the portrait, the words: "Six months into the date the General Treasury of the French Equatorial Africa will pay to the last bearer of this bond the sum of one thousand francs in banknotes of the local issuing bank ". On the left, the stump of the note is printed vertically. We do not know if this voucher certificate is uniface or not. The note annotated "ESSAI" in pencil is probably unique. It was sold for $ 2,000 on the sale of the Georges Thomas Collection in May 1980 in New York (lot # 1428). No other copy has been found since 40 years! The only known illustrations are in black and white and in poor quality, like the one we offer. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B105, Schwan-Boling: 1162.

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