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French Equatorial Africa (FEA). Free French Africa. Type BAO 1936 modified. Issue for Brazzaville, Congo. No issue for Cameroon. Banknote issued in 1942 and in 1943 but not dated. 163475 issued notes. Work of Sébastien Laurent and engraving by Rita and Piel. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co, London. Dimensions: 198 x 112 mm. Watermark with a woman's head in profile. Front and back: Multicolored print predominantly orange, gold and green. On the front: floral composition with a young native woman and her baby accompanied by an allegory of France on the theme of France supports and protects its colonies. Top center in blue, the sending institute "FRENCH FREE AFRICA". The value "1000" is printed in orange in the upper left corner. In the opposite corner, a French flag printed all in red. Numbering and signatures are printed in black. Only one type of signatures: For the Defense Council, Gal de Larminat and the Director of Finance, Pierre Denis. On the back: floral composition with the characters on the front printed identically. On the right, Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in pink on the white background of the note. Specimen on issued note with two notes known for the 5 copies issued on July 31, 1942 in series A: A026 071 and A081 272. Specimen on issued note in May 31, 1943 with 58 copies for the series "B" according to Maurice Kolsky. Known copies: B026 208, B040 189, B046 956, B062 520, B062 550. These notes all have a "SPECIMEN" surcharge in red and oblique front and back and are punched "114". Another specimen numbered "B047 001 - B063 500" with "SPECIMEN" perforated horizontally at the bottom (The letter A is crossed by four lines and replaced by a letter B). Watermarked specimen, numbered "A000 000" and canceled by a perforation in the watermark and another identical canceled by a perforation under the signatures. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): #B204.

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#9a31-07-1942RRRRSérie : A (000001 à 100000). Émission pour Brazzaville.
#9b31-05-1943RRRRSérie : B (00001 à 63500). Émission pour Brazzaville.
#9s1942RRRRSpécimen filigrané et numéroté "A000 001 - A002 000".
#9s31-05-1943RRRRSpécimen sur billet émis. Série : B. 58 exemplaires.
#9s1942RRRRSpécimen perforé et numéroté "A000 001 - A092 000".
#9s31-07-1942RRRRSpécimen sur billet émis. Série : A. 5 exemplaires.
#9s1942RRRRSpécimen perforé numéroté "A092 001 - B047 000".
#9s1942RRRRSpécimen filigrané et numéroté "A000 000".
#9s1942RRRRSpécimen numéroté "B047 001 - B063 500". Lettre A barrée.

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