1000 francs Type 1943 (US)

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State Bank of Morocco. American impressions. Printer: ABNC (American Bank Note Company). Dimensions: 220 x 126 mm. No watermark. Front and back printing in brown on white paper with security background consisting of wavy lines in white and brown and random color dots in cyan, yellow and magenta colors. Front: Composition of abstract figures characteristic of the ABNC printer's style. The value in figures is repeated four times in the corners in brown floral medallions. The mention "State Bank of Morocco" is printed in brown on a line in the upper part on the paper background. The value in letters and the article of law are printed in brown at the bottom. Only the numbers and the alphabet are printed in red. Back: Brown monochrome printing. Vignette composed of abstract figures and arabesques with a star of David placed in the center in a medallion of abstract forms. All texts are printed in brown. The three signatures are arranged in the center. The value in figures is repeated twice on the sides in two medallions of identical shape.

The specimen is known with two oblique surcharges "SPECIMEN" in red on the front and back, dated 1-5-43 and numbered 000000 on ticket A1-000. Another known specimen with oblique overprint of a black "SPECIMEN" stamp affixed by hand on the front and back on banknotes of the W.1 alphabet and perforated vertically "* 00000 *" Exemplary view: W.1-965 . Two other specimens are known without overprinting "SPECIMEN" obliquely on the front and back, dated 1-8-43 and numbered 000000 on alphabet A.41-000 or A.121-000 and perforated with three holes cancellation. A third specimen dated 1-3-44 and numbered 000000 on the A.201-000 alphabet and perforated with three cancellation holes. Uniform front and back proofs not numbered and not perforated.

The signatures:
Pick # 28a. First issue with signatures: Guessous / Desoubry / Moreau.
Pick # 28b. Second issue with signatures: Guessous / Bapst / de Castelbajac.
Pick # 28c. Third show with signatures: Guessous / Leclerc / de Castelbajac.

6 variants#28 - 1000 francs Type 1943 (US)

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#28a1943RRRPremière émission : 1-5-43.
#28b1943RRDeuxième émission : 1-8-43.
#28c1944RRTroisième émission : 1-3-44.
#28s11943RRRREpreuve uniface du recto non numérotée.
#28s21943RRRREpreuves unifaces du recto et du verso sur carton.
#28s31944RRSpécimen avec cachet noir « SPECIMEN » recto/verso.

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