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About :#PNL - 1000 francs Type 1944 modified (UK)

Bank of Reunion. No date (1943) modified 1944. First issue in 1947. Work of Edmund Dulac. Dimensions: 185 x 112 mm. Printer: Bradbury and Wilkinson of London. No watermark. Multicolored front and back printing. Front: Security background in green gradient with the value "1000" in continuous repetition. The value in letters, labels, and signatures are printed in dark blue. Numbering in black. In the center of the note, on a dark blue background, a white phoenix rises from its ashes. Two printed signatures: The Chief Executive Officer: A. Postel-Vinay and The Chairman of the Supervisory Board: J. Leclerc. Back: On the left, traces of the war with ruins and on the right, the symbol of reconstruction. In the center, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed above the value "1000". Finally, the Ordinance of February 2, 1944 at the bottom of the back. Specimen of the issued note without watermark with perforation "SPECIMEN" at the bottom of the note and numbered TE 200,001 - TE 600,000. Number range of issued notes: TD 600, 001 to TD 680,000 - TD 710,001 to TD 760,000 - TD 810,001 to TD 1,000,000 - TE 000,001 à TE 600,000. Banknote very rare, some known copies: TD 730,645 - TE 118,524 - TE 163,060 - TE 242,614.

Banknotes :Caisse Centrale de la France d'Outre-Mer Reunion (1944-1945)

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#PNL - 1000 francs Type 1944 modified (UK)