1,000 francs Type 1970 Mali


Pick: #13 , The Banknote Book: B203 , Other: #LK412

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Mali. Central Bank of Mali. 1970-1984 Issues. Dimensions: 140 x 90 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: portrait of President Mamadou Konaté. Printer: Bank of France. No security thread. The note is undated. Multicolored front and back printing, mainly purple, blue and brown. Texts in French. Description of the front: at the top border, a decorative frieze with the value "1,000" printed in blue in the corners. In the center, the issuing institute "CENTRAL BANK OF MALI" is printed in blue in a light yellow cartridge. Below, the banknote number in black and the watermark. The signatures are printed in black in the drawing. On the left, decorations and wooden statuettes. Sotuba hydroelectric dam. On the right, a man from the Mopti region wearing a white goatee. Five combinations of signatures known to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer. At the bottom, the series and the number are printed in black in cartridges in gray and the value in letters is printed in blue in a frieze decorated in the center. Description of the back: decorative frieze in the upper part with the value "1,000" and the issuing institute "CENTRAL BANK OF MALI" printed in green-blue on a yellow background. On the left, a wooden Dogon mask visible at the Musée des Arts Premiers in Paris and in the center, a view of the cliff and the village of Bandiagara. At the bottom right, the article of the penal code is printed on three lines in a yellow cartridge. The specimen is known as overprinted "SPECIMEN" in black diagonally with a four-digit specimen number below. The note is numbered "O.00 - 00000" and perforated "SPECIMEN" in vertical on the left.

Banknotes :Central Bank of Mali (1970-1984)

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