1000 francs Type 1981 André Grétry


Pick: #144 , The Banknote Book: B587 , Other: #M105

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1000 francs Type 1981 André Grétry. No date (1980-96). Colors printings: Brown, orange and green on multicolor underprint. Portrait of André Gretry at left center, bass violin center right in background. 7 Signatures varieties only on back above the Watermark. Back: Tuning forks and view of inner ear. Watermark: King Baudouin I in profile. Dimensions: 154 x 76 mm. Designed by Maurice Pasternak. Printer: BNB (Banque Nationale de Belgique). Solid security thread.

#144a: Name as: ANDRÉ ERNEST MODESTE GRETRY. 1741-1813.
#144s: Specimen.
#144x1: Name as • ERNEST • MODESTE.

Banknotes :National Bank of Belgium (1978-1992)

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