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About :#25 - 1000 francs Union française Type 1946

Bank of Guyana. No date (1946). Issued note in 1947. Work of Robert Poughéon. Dimensions: 193 x 103 mm. Watermark with a woman's head wearing a phrygian cap. 1,250,161 issued notes. Front and back: multicolored printing. Front: the word "GUYANA" repeated three times in the margin and the value "1000" are printed in red. Numbering and signature printed in black. Right, the symbol of the French Union with a woman of metropolis looking at a West Indian woman in front of a palm grove. One signature: The Director General: A. Postel-Vinay. Back: antillean woman wearing a madras in front of a canoe sailing at sunset. At the bottom of the back, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in a blue cartouche. Specimen of the issued note numbered O.000 - 00000 with "SPECIMEN" diagonally perforated in the center of the note and sometimes four damp black pads diagonally at the four corners of the note. The photo note also illustrates the Dr. Kolsky's book: "The D.O.M-T.O.M Banknotes", published in 2006, 280 pages.

Banknotes :Caisse Centrale de la France d'Outre-Mer (1946-1955)

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#25 - 1000 francs Union française Type 1946