10,000 francs type 1955 Bonaparte


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France. Bank of France. 10,000 francs type 1955 “Bonaparte”. Work by Clément Serveau and engraving by Marliat (for the front) and Armanelli (for the back). Intaglio executed by Jules Piel. Dimensions: 172 x 92 mm. Printer: Bank of France. Watermark: Profile of Bonaparte. Front and back: Polychrome printing with dominant red, yellow and black. Description of the front: Frame made up of floral ornaments and lyres. On the right, a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte after an unfinished painting "General Bonaparte" by the painter Jacques-Louis David. Napoleon's uniform is inspired by the dolmans kept in the Invalides collection. In the background on the left, the Arc of Triomphe. Signatures, alphabet, date and numbering are printed in black. Two variants of signatures with The Comptroller General, The Cashier General and The Secretary General. Description of the back: Orange Directoire style frame. On the left, an identical portrait of Bonaparte posing in front of a bundle of flags: Flag of the 74th demi-brigade of the Egyptian army, Standard of the General-in-Chief of the Egyptian army, Standard of the General in Chief of the Army of Italy, Flag of the 39th Brigade of the Army of Egypt and standard chosen in 1953 by General Blanc, Governor of the Invalides. In the background, on the right, the Church of Invalides (Source: Claude Fayette). The note will be issued from December 1, 1955 to October 30, 1958 and permanently withdrawn from circulation on April 4, 1960.

The signature variants:
Sign. # 1: The Comptroller General: Belin / The Cashier General: D'Ambrières / The Secretary General: P. Gargam.
Sign. # 2: The Comptroller General: D'Ambrières / The Cashier General: R. Favre-Gilly / The Secretary General: P. Gargam.

Banknotes :Bank of France (1950-1957)

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