10,000 francs Type 1984 Gabon


Pick: #7 , The Banknote Book: B206 , Other: #LK654/#LK655

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Gabon. Bank of Central African States (BEAC).  1984-1991 Issues. Dimensions: 168 x 92 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: portrait of a woman. Printer: Bank of France. No security thread. The note is undated. Multicolored front and back print, predominantly green, brown and yellow. Texts in French. Description of the front: bottom composed of geometric shapes in diamonds. In the center at the top, the words "GABONESE REPUBLIC" is printed in black in a light green cartridge. Below, the full banknote number is printed in black. The value “10000” is printed in black in the upper corners. The signatures, number and series are printed in black. On the left, five stylized heads of antelope mix with the background. In the center, the watermark and on the right, a profile portrait of a young woman whose hair is braided with plants. The value in letters "TEN THOUSAND FRANCS" is printed in black at the bottom center. Two combinations of signatures printed in black with The Governor and A Auditor. Description of the back: background composed of geometric patterns. The value “10000” is printed in blue gray in the upper corners. In the center at the top, the wording of the issuing institute "BANK OF CENTRAL AFRICAN STATES" is printed in blue gray in a light green cartridge. On the left, eleven people are busy loading bunches of bananas into an agricultural truck. On the right, several varieties of local fruit (dates, pineapple). At the bottom left, the article of the penal code is printed in a green cartridge. The specimen is known as overprinted "SPECIMEN" in black diagonally with a specimen number below. The note is numbered "O.000 - 000000000" and perforated "SPECIMEN" vertically.

Banknotes :Bank of Central African States - Gabon (1984-1991)

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