2 Dollars Type 1937


Pick: #59 , The Banknote Book: B322 , Other: #BC-22

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Canada. Bank of Canada. 1937 Issue. 2 Dollars Type 1937. French and English bilingual note. Date of issue: 02-01-1937. Withdrawal date: 01-01-2012. Printer: British American Bank Note Company, Limited (BABNC). Dimensions: 152 x 73 mm. No watermark. No security thread. Front and back: print in black, red-brown and orange. With this new issue, the two Check Letters disappear. Each banknote now has a unique number with a two-letter prefix added in front of the number. The superior character designates the series while the lower character indicates the letter of denomination assigned to this value: B or R. Description of the front: texts in English on the left and texts in French on the right. A black and white frame decorated with abstract shapes and rosettes features the "2" and "TWO / DEUX" values ​​printed in the corners. The ticket number and its prefix are printed in red and repeated twice at the top. On the sides, the texts of the issuing institute "BANK OF CANADA, will pay to the bearer on demand" and "BANQUE DU CANADA, paiera au porteur sur demande" are printed in black on three lines. In an oval in the center of the bill, a portrait in official costume of King George VI. Presence of maple leaves on the sides of the medallion. Below, the "TWO DOLLARS / DEUX DOLLARS" values ​​are printed in a black cartridge. The notes were delivered to the Bank without signatures. These were printed in black ink typography by the internal services of the Bank of Canada. Three variants of signatures with The Deputy Governor and The Governor. The back of the 10 Dollars Type 1935 note has been reused and modified. Description: composition of rosettes printed in monochrome red-brown. Above, the texts of the issuing institute "BANK OF CANADA / BANQUE DU CANADA". Bottom, the values ​​"TWO DOLLARS / DEUX DOLLARS". The value "2" is printed in a medallion at the corners and very large on the sides in two large rosettes. In the middle, an allegory of the harvest with a seated woman holding a billhook in her hand. In the background, bunches of grapes and fruits come out of a cornucopia. The photo note (Ref: # BC-22a) was sold in Choice Crisp Uncirculated at $ 977.50 by Heritage Auctions, Auction # 418, Lot # 16137, from The Halton Lake Collection, 2006.

  • Signatures: Osborne-Towers: 20,000,000 issued notes.
  • Signatures: Gordon-Towers: 170,000,000 issued notes.
  • Signatures: Gordon-Towers with Prefixe Z/B: 4,000,000 issued notes.
  • Signatures: Coyne-Towers: 80,000,000 issued notes.
  • Signatures: Coyne-Towers with Prefixe Z/B or L/R: 11,668,000 issued notes.

Banknotes :Bank of Canada (1937)

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