2 francs Type 1890

About :#20D - 2 francs Type 1890

Bank of Guadeloupe. Check issued between 1870 and 1900. (B.P.F. 2). Work of Claverie and engraving of Bescherer. Dimensions: 133 x 97 mm. Check with watermark "GUADELOUPE" oblique. Number printed in black at 5 or 6 digits with a letter. Printer: Ve Ethiou Peru, Paris or Hemmerle et Cie, Paris. Red print on light beige paper. Front: vignette composed of tropical plants, foliage and birds in flight. No back. Check without signatures. The signature is materialized by the stamp of the issuing company. No known specimen. Copies encountered: C 023,119, E 69,485 and D 092,379.

3 variants#20D - 2 francs Type 1890

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#20Da1870RRRRLettres B - E. Imprimerie Ve Ethiou Pérou.
#20Db1870RRRRLettres H - I. Imprimerie Hemmerlé et Cie.
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