2 francs Type 1915 Société Générale


Pick: #87 , The Banknote Book: B120 , Other: #M006

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Belgium. German occupation. Societe Generale de Belgique. 1915-1918 issue. Banknote issued between 01-04-1915 and 25-05-1918. Withdrawn from circulation in 1944. 2 francs Type 1915 (Ref. TBB: # B120 or Pick: # 87). Work by Max Weber. Dimensions: 105 x 65 mm. Printer: National Bank of Belgium. Watermark: no, but patterns of wavy lines in the paper. Front and back: polychrome print, mainly reddish brown on olive green underprint. Description of the front: guilloche frame with the numerical value on the sides. The initials “SGB” of Société Générale de Belgique are printed in the upper corners. The labels of the issuing institute and the value in letters are printed in French and in burgundy color. The date and the banknote number are printed in red and below the following mention: "This note will be exchanged at the option of the holder against a banknote of the same importance from the National Bank of Belgium at the latest three months after the conclusion of the peace ". On the left in an oval medallion, a portrait of Queen Louise-Marie and below, the text of Law is printed on two lines. The note has two signatures with The Director-Treasurer, Auguste Jean-Baptiste Hubert Marie Serruys and The Governor, Jean Jadot. Back description: printing in reddish brown and olive green with guilloche patterns with the texts in Dutch. No specimen known for Type. Series: A - Y. Note printed at 23,910,000 copies.

Banknotes :Société Générale de Belgique (1915-1918)

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