2 francs Type 1943 Free France


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French Polynesia. Tahiti. French Settlements in Oceania. 1943 Issue. Dimensions: 111 x 71 mm. Printer: Jean C. Ferrand. Material: paper. Watermark: no. The note is dated by Decree of September 25, 193. Double-sided printing in duotone blue and green. French Texts in green. Description of the front: drawing composed of a frame of garland of fruits and vegetables on the upper border and stylized sea waves on the lower border. Top center, the wording of the issuing institute "Cash vouchers of French Settlements in Oceania". Below, the value in letters in the center and the date of the Decree. The value "2 fr" is repeated twice on the sides. The banknote serial number is printed in green at the bottom and the series is printed in green on the sides in the stylized sea waves. Only one signature printed in green is known to The Treasurer-Payer: Jean-Henri Liauzun. Several types of circular stamps can be affixed to the banknote (see the list of variants). Back description: stylized map of Tahiti with a commercial boat leaving the port, a lighthouse, a palm tree and outside on the right, a stylized indigenous spear head. In the card, the text "Issue made under the responsibility of the Colony of French Settlements in Oceania and guaranteed by a deposit corresponding to the Treasury. (The law punishes counterfeiters.) ”. 100,000 issued notes.

Banknotes :Free French Settlements in Oceania (1941-1943)

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