20 francs Type 1914 Antwerp


Pick: #76 , The Banknote Book: B536 , Other: #M021/#M022

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Belgium. National Bank of Belgium. 1905-1926 issue. Banknote issued in Antwerp on September 1, 1914. Withdrawn from circulation on January 01, 1957. 20 francs Type 1914 (Ref. TBB: # B536 or Pick: # 76). Work by Louis Titz and engraving by Alberts Doms and Édouard Biet. Dimensions: 137 x 88 mm. Printer: National Bank of Belgium. Watermark: National Bank of Belgium and head of Minerva. Front and back: this 20 francs is the first Belgian banknote printed in full color. Description of the front: frame and background in green and red composed of floral motifs of "Art Nouveau" inspiration. All texts are in French. The text of the Law is printed on two lines at the top of the frame. Below, the label of the issuing institute is printed in red. In the center, the value in figures is printed in white in a red circle. The date and signatures are printed in black and the banknote number is printed in red. On the left, the Belgian lion is lying at the feet of a Minerva goddess holding in his hand a caduceus. Minerve is leaning on a large number of tools on which one can read the mention: "Work - Economy". On the right side, a bouquet of laurels and a pennant with the lion of the Belgian coat of arms is hung on a mast. Below, a sword and a banner with the words: "Unity is strength". The note includes two types of signatures with Le Trésorier, Antoine Babau and Le Gouverneur, Théophile de Lanstsheere. Description of the back: printing in red monochrome. The texts are in Dutch. The value in words is framed by the 39 Belgian municipalities. No specimen known for this Type. Very rare note. Series: 2501 to 2506. 175,000 issued notes only.

Banknotes :National Bank of Belgium (1905-1926)

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