20 francs Type 1914 (IT)

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Switzerland. La Cassa federale (Die Eidgenössische Staatskasse). Issue of 1914. The banknote is identical to the Pick: # 20. Dated in Bern from 10-08-1914 but not put into circulation until 17-08-1914. Work by Ernst Stückelberg. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co., London. Dimensions: 145 x 92 mm. No watermark. No security thread. Front and back: print predominantly blue and brown. On the front: a frame composed of rosettes and repetitive ornaments. Beige security background alternating Swiss cross and value in figures. In the center at the top, the Swiss cross in white is placed on a blue coat of arms. All texts are in Italian and printed in blue, except the seven-digit number, the date and the signatures in black. The value "20" is printed roughly and blue in the center in the security background. On the sides in oval medallions, an allegory of Liberty with a woman wearing a diadem on which is inscribed the word "Libertas" on the left and a portrait of "Arnold Winkelried" on the right, one of the legendary heroes of Swiss history. Two types of signatures: for the Finance Department, Giuseppe Motta and for the Federal Fund, E. Henzer. On the back: a beige safety background alternating the Swiss cross and the value in figures, frames a rosette and ornaments in blue with the value "20" in white repeated twice. In the center, the value in letters is printed in three languages: French, German and Italian. The specimen is known unnumbered, unsigned and perforated "SPECIMEN BW & Co. LONDON" in reverse. 62500 banknotes were printed. Exemplary met: 0477276. Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B109.

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PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#22a17-08-1914RRRRItalian text. 62500 exs. Sign. #1 : G. Motta / E. Henze.
#22s17-08-1914RRRRSpécimen perforé "SPECIMEN, BW & Co. LONDON" à l'envers.
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