20 francs Type 1926 Treasury overprinted


Pick: #98 , The Banknote Book: B549 , Other: #M026

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20 francs Type 1926 Treasury overprinted. (Issues dates: 14.4.1926 to 27.1.1940). Colors printings: Brown on light blue and yellow-green underprint. Conjoined portrait King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth II at left in a medallion. Back: view of the Grand-Place in Brussels at center right. Medallion of hermes in the frame. Scales and coats of arms. Watermark: King Leopold I in profile. 3 signatures varieties: Henry Stacquet / Fernand Hautain, Henry Stacquet / Louis Franck and Henri Sontag / Georges Janssen. Dimensions: 137 x 82 mm. Printer: BNB (Banque Nationale de Belgique). No security thread. Dutch and French texts. Banknote designed by Guillaume Minguet and Jean-François Freund. With "TRESORERIE / THESAURIE" overprints in the watermark on the front.

#98a: Signatures Hautain / Stacquet (Dates of issue: 14.04.1926 to 21.08.1926).
#98b: Signatures Franck / Stacquet (Dates of issue: 27.09.1926 to 16.01.1932).
#98c: Signatures Janssen / Sontag (Dates of issue: 02.01.1940 to 27.01.1940).

Banknotes :National Bank of Belgium - National Issues (1920-1948)

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20 francs type 1926 Treasury overprinted
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