20 francs Type 1928 Papeete


Pick: #12 , The Banknote Book: B308 , Other: #KM510/#KM510bis

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French Polynesia. Tahiti. Bank of Indochina. 1920-1963 Issues. Work by Clément Serveau and engraving by Émile Deloche for the front and by Roque and Rita for the back. Put into circulation from 1928. Dimensions: 180 x 90 mm. Watermark: native head in profile. Printer: Bank of France. The note is undated. Full color front and back print, mainly brown, light green, pink and red. Texts in French. Description of the front: security background composed of intertwined shapes, vegetation and stylized plants. Ornamental frame composed of intertwined and repeating floral forms. In the center of the upper edge, the label "BANK OF INDOCHINA" is printed in a light green cartridge. Below, printed in red, the value in letters “TWENTY FRANCS” and the the mention “PAYABLE IN CASH TO THE HOLDER”. Below, the note is overprinted "PAPEETE" in black in the center. Two signatures printed in black. Three combinations of signatures with An Administrator and The Managing Director. On the right, an allegory of France represented by a woman wearing a crown of oak leaves and wheat and with ribbons in her hair. On the left, an oval medallion contains the watermark. The numbering and the alphabet are printed in black in cartridges and repeated at the top and bottom in the frame. Bottom center in a circular medallion the value "20" is printed in red. Description of the back: background composed of floral patterns and graphic shapes. In the center, the value in figures is printed in red in a vertical frame. On the left, a green and yellow peacock sits on a flowering shrub and four butterflies fly around it. Article 139 of the penal code is printed in brown on five lines in a scrolling strip at the bottom right. On the left, in a yellow vertical cartridge, the “PAPEETE” overprint is tilted vertically and printed in red. The specimen is known to be perforated "SPECIMEN" vertically on the left on the watermark and numbered "O.00 - 000". Some banknotes issued meet overprinted "CANCELLED" by wet stamps in purple diagonally.

Banknotes :Bank of Indochina (1920-1963)

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