20 francs Type 1929-1945

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State Bank of Morocco. Banknote issued from 1920 to 1927. Second Type with the mention "PAYABLES A VUE AU PORTEUR" and third Type without the mention "PAYABLES A VUE AU PORTEUR". Work by Georges Duval and engraving by L. Jouenne. Dimensions: 164 x 95 mm. Two watermarks: A lion's head on a crescent on the left and a Shereefian star on the right. Multicolored front and back printing on white paper. Front: The frame is modified in the upper part to receive two clear cartridges with the numbering and the alphabet! The value in letters and numbers and the words "PAYABLE FOR PORTER VIEW" are printed in dark red. The numbering and the alphabet are repeated twice at the bottom and at the top and are printed in black as the date of issue. In the center, a view of the Hassan tower in Rabat. The law article is inscribed at the bottom of the cut in a beige cartouche. Back: Frame composed of arabesque on a background of patterns in rehearsal. The specimen is known signed and numbered 0.00 - 000 and perforated "SPECIMEN".

PICK # 18a with the mention "PAYABLES A VUE AU PORTEUR": two variants of signatures.
Date: 12-6-1929 with the Signatures El Mokri (Omar) / Desoubry / Cambon.
Date: 2-12-1931 with Signatures Guessous / Desoubry / Cambon.

PICK # 18b without the mention "PAYABLES A VUE AU PORTEUR": three variants of signatures.
Dates: 6-3-1941 and 14-11-1941 with Signatures Guessous / Desoubry / Moreau.
Date: 9-11-1942 with the Signatures Guessous / Bapst / Moreau.
Date: 1-3-1945 with Signatures Guessous / Spitzer / Oudot.

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#18a1929RriSignatures #1 : El Mok / Desoubry / Cambon. 1929 à 1931.
#18b1941CriSignatures #1 : Guessous / Desoubry / Cambon. 1941 à 1945.

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